Having read a lot of medium’s biographies I realize that I’m somewhat of an oddity!  I didn’t have any amazing spiritual experiences growing up, I wasn’t born a seventh child of a seventh child nor do I have Romany blood in my veins.

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties (I always was a late developer!) that I became interested and drawn to mediumship, spiritualism and all things “other worldly”.

I joined a development circle and sat there very happily for several years, meditating, learning and giving messages until the time our tutor deemed we were ready for our “Fledgling Night” at the local spiritualist church.  This was a terrifying moment but once I was up on the platform my Spirit Guide helped me communicate and from that moment on I feel that my spiritual path was set.

I’ve been a practising medium for over 30 years now.  I’ve travelled all over the South of England and as far as Boston and New York in America to give demonstrations and private readings and have clients all over the UK and Europe. I was the resident psychic at The Daily Mirror for over 2 years with a weekly column.

I link in with my Spirit Guide during readings and ask to be connected to the sitter’s friends and loved ones so that they may receive messages that are personal to them and that they, hopefully, find comforting.

I use French tarot cards during a reading for day to day issues and find these to be very accurate.I have a great sense of humour and strive to put people at their ease – I know that having a reading can be quite an ordeal but soon make sure that people are relaxed and enjoying their reading.

Making contact with our loved ones in the spirit world can be an emotional experience but rest assured that I’m a sensitive and compassionate reader – after all, I have loved ones who’ve passed over too!

Jane Howard Crystal Unicorn