A medium is a bridge between the two worlds – this one and the next.

Everybody is psychic – we all have hunches and have drawn on intuition to guide us when we’re in trouble or have a difficult decision to make.

Whether we retain these psychic abilities depends on how much we use them – practice makes perfect!
We’re all born intutitive and if we remain open and are sensitive to others we can all connect with spirit.

A medium’s true role is to give evidence of life after death – a description of a loved one, names, personal information and memory links all help to identify the spirit communicating during a reading.

All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.  Psychics are sensitive to the energies that emanate from their surroundings and from those energies they can tell all about a persons physical and emotional wellbeing and can offer help and advice about any problems or decisions.  However, a medium or psychic must NEVER make another persons decision for them – we must remember we all have free will!

Mediumship Service